Rabbit Family


Family members: Mother, father, daughter, son
Colour: light grey
Variations: reddish brown rabbits (USA), chocolate brown rabbits (USA), pink rabbits (Finland), different mould variations
German name: Hasi (Papa, Mama, Boy, Girl)

The Rabbit Family consists of the basic parents and children set. The body type on the rabbits is the basic FF body, but there are some oddities and exceptions. For example, there are dark grey rabbits that come with longer legs, flat hands and wider ears. Oddest of all is that sometimes they have a moulded tail and sometimes not! There are also dark grey rabbit children with and without tails. Forest Families rabbits are usually of a light grey colour.


There are also other, rare colour variations of the Rabbit Family. The reddish brown and chocolate brown rabbits are probably a US issue, but little is known about them. There are also pink rabbits that have been found in Finland at least. The pink rabbits are a couple of grown ups, one of them wearing a suit and one a shiny party dress.