Owl Family


Family members: Mother, father, daughter, son
Colour: brown with a light brown pattern on the face and dark beak
Variations: two different issues of owls; one slightly different in pose and colour, possibly with a different outfit
German name: Eule (Papa, Mama, Egon, Erna)

Sizes and identifying

The Owl Family consists of the basic parents and children set. Owls have the same body type as parrots. The birds are slightly smaller than other Forest Families, adults about 7 cm high and children about 5 cm. Owls are of brown colour with a light brown pattern on the face. This family is pretty hard to find.



Owls were sold in family packages of four and also separately on card and in single character boxes in Germany. This family of four is the only known set. The owl dad was possibly the teacher in a French school set.



Little is known about the different owl family versions and where they were sold. I suspect that similar versions exist also of the parrots. These are probably issues from different countries. The difference of the adults (both size and colour) is more notable than the difference of children of the separate versions.

A more common owl family is light coloured and slightly taller. A smaller, more grayish variation exists. In the pictures, the variation owl mother has a different lace collar from what we usually see on the owl mother. I don't know if this is her original outfit or not.