Mouse Family


Family members: Mother, father, daughter, son
Colour: grey
Variations: hard plastic tails and soft rubber tails; long legged mould; whiskers and no whiskers
German name: Maus (Papa, Mama, Bubi, Mausi)

The Mouse Family consists of the basic parents and children set. They have the basic FF body type, but they are slightly exceptional since they are one of the species that has a tail - and also whiskers. There are two kinds of mice: with hard-plastic tail and a rarer variation with a soft, rubbery tail. I think the Band pianist usually has this type of rubbery tail, but there are also mouse children with a soft rubber tail.

There's also a body variation that has longer legs and flat hands. The long legged mouse pose is very similar to the rabbit with a tail, see the information page about Rabbit Family. Children that go with the long legged mould have closed hands.

FF Mice are of grey colour. There are mice with both dark and light grey tails, if the tails have lost their flocking. It is difficult to know whether this is a genuine variation or if they are all supposed to have the same colour flocking on the tail.