My Collection

I've been collecting Forest Families on and off for years and I've had a special place for them in my heart ever since childhood when I played with them in my dollhouse. I still have most of the animals from my childhood - I actually don't even remember having many more of them, but then I was so little. Nowadays I have a big collection of FF both in original package and loose, plus the house, accessories and clothes.

My Childhood Collection


Here are the animals from my childhood! Later on, I had some Simba bears (a family of five and a wedding couple) but I sold those when I got older since they weren't so important to me. But the most important and nostalgic characters remain!

Grandpa Bear, Mom and Dad Bear, Dad Elephant, Big Brother Elephant (He always wore this jacket!), Frog family: Mom, dad and their son (Their clothes were made by my mother.), Mouse Mom and daughter (They were my favourites!), and dog, rabbit and pony boy. Plus the adorable baby bear! My Sylvanians are the badger Bess Underwood and bear twins Kit and Karenza Marmalade.

My Current Collection

I've had several long breaks in my collecting hobby, but luckily I never got rid of my Forest Families. I sold some doubles and a few animals that stank of cigarette smoke, but that is all. Lately I have concentrated on items in original package. I have most of the basic figurines, so at the moment I'm after the rarer colour variations and such!

Later I will add some pictures of my collection here, but you can find pictures of them all around the site!