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This site is devoted to information and pictures of the toy series called Forest Families. They are a 1980's toy series, quite similar with the more famous Sylvanian Families. Forest Families toys are human-like animals covered in soft vinyl flocking, and the species vary from cats and mice to crocodiles and turtles.

This website used to be around in years 2006-2009 and was known by the name Xara's Forest Families. If you are a fellow collector from those days and still remember me, welcome back to my site! If you have a site about Forest Families, let me know. I would love to share information and exchange links!

Forest Families are becoming increasingly hard to find, but also a more and more collected toy series. There is still a lot of information to be gathered about them - rare variants, where they were sold, and so on. I'm always looking for more information as well as new additions to my collection (Wants and Trades). So never hesitate to contact me about anything Forest Families related! Feel free to write to the guestbook as well.

Happy collecting!

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