Family members: Mother, father, daughter, son
Colour: pale with black nose; fur spikes
Variations: dark brown porcupines; porcupines with dark or light spikes
Prototypes: porcupines with extra long, light spikes are pictured on many packages
Alternative name: Hedgehog Family (France, Germany)

The Porcupine Family consists of the basic parents and children set. They are of a pale colour with black noses. They also have soft fur as their "spikes". There are two kinds of porcupines: with dark brown and light brown fur spikes. A rare dark brown variation has been found as well, and I suspect it is a US release. The dark brown variant porcupine had dark brown spikes. This family is pretty hard to find.

I have sometimes seen odd porcupines that have had darker colour arms and legs, but I don't think they're an actual variation. Maybe they are more like a factory error.