Family members: Mother, father, daughter, son, baby girl
Colour: dark brown with a light brown face
Alternative name: Monkey Family (USA), Chimpanzee Family (Germany)

The Gorilla Family is one of the Forest Families that has more than four members. Usually the families include parents and two children, but the Gorilla Family includes also a tiny baby gorilla. The baby girl came in a "Five piece gift set" which was a normal family package with an extra family member. Where the normal gorilla children are about 6 cm tall, the babies are about 5 cm.

In the USA the Gorilla Family was called Monkey Family and in Germany they were known as Chimpanzee Family. FF gorillas are of a dark brown color with a lighter brown pattern on their face. There was a gorilla wedding set available, and a gorilla priest was included in both of the Grand Wedding sets.