There aren't too many sites about Forest Families. If you know of other FF sites, please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

I'd be happy if you'd like to link to my site! The address is and you can use my banner for linking if you'd like:

The Forest Connection - Tootie tails' website about Forest Families with lots of pictures and detailed information about the series. Especially interesting information about different releases and clothes!

Maple Town - An extensive site about the Maple Town toy series. The site also has some information on Forest Families.

Les Petits Malins d'Alice - Alice's website of her collection. Also has a section for Forest Families with some pictures. In French.

Projektina Pikkaraiset - A Finnish blog with pictures and stories of a childhood with Forest Families. Not updated any longer. In Finnish.

Suvenkorentos collection - Suvenkorento's Forest Families collection page, plus her blog.

Sylvanian Families Collectors Community - A discussion forum for Sylvanian Families collectors.

Sylvanian Haven - LadyB's site about Sylvanian Families and other flocked toys. Be sure to check the section on Forest Families and FF furniture. Includes classifications of the rareness of some figurines. Excellent section on other flocked toys.

The Unlikely Adventures of Miss Hyla Bibbit - LadyB's blog where a lovely Forest Families frog has all kinds of fun adventures.