Wedding Sets

Forest Families series had many different wedding sets and Simba produced some too. The basic FF wedding sets were packed in the same type packages as the family packages, but the wedding packages were pink with a curtain picture. FF wedding sets included two Grand Wedding sets with 16 animals and several basic wedding sets with bride, groom, pageboy and bridesmaid. In some sets the wedding couple and pageboy and bridesmaid were of a different species and in others they were from the same family. There might also have been a smaller Grand Wedding set.

Basic Wedding Sets

The basic wedding sets were pretty similar to normal family packages, except for the outlook and the characters' clothing. The wedding sets issued in different countries were different, but most of these were sold in pink packages of four characters. Simba wedding sets were sold in blue Simba boxes.

The UK wedding sets include at least a bear wedding and a rabbit wedding set, each with four characters of the same species. The packages were the pink curtain packages with no pictures on the back.

Scandinavian countries had the German-type wedding sets instead of the UK type. The couple was one species and the bridesmaid and pageboy another. The packages are pink like the more common UK versions, but there are differences such as pictures on the back. According to The Forest Connection, there were a bear wedding couple with elephant childen and a gorilla wedding couple with dog flower children, plus possibly a pig couple with rabbit children and a cat couple with mice children.

Simba has produced wedding sets under M.C.Toy's Forest Families license. In Simba's sets the animals did not come from the same family. There was a pig couple with rabbit bridesmaid and pageboy, a cat couple with mouse children, an elephant couple with gorilla children and a donkey couple with sheep children.

Simba also had a wedding set of their own, with Bear Family Bears. For them they had a carriage pulled by two wooden horses, sold as a separate set. The Simba bear wedding set is completely different from the Forest Families wedding sets and it probably came out later.

Grand Wedding Sets

There are at least two different Grand Wedding sets. In each there are 16 animals, including a married couple and a priest.
1) The first Grand Wedding set has the following animals: elephant couple (groom and bride), bear children (bridesmaid and pageboy), gorilla priest, animal children (crocodile, gorilla, tiger, panther, sheep, rhino) and adults (squirrel, panda, wolf, pig, donkey).
2) The second Grand Wedding set has the following animals: bear couple (groom and bride), mouse children (bridesmaid and pageboy), gorilla priest, animal children (cat, rabbit, two donkeys, two elephants) and adults (cow couple, rabbit couple, hippo).
It's curious how the second set has a lot of animal pairs where the other set has more exotic animals that attend the party alone, without their family! Any of the visitors don't really have festive clothes either, just some normal FF clothing.

There may have been a third Grand Wedding Set with a rabbit couple. This set has been pictured on the back of the Scout set box and on a French toy catalogue, but it hasn't been found as a toy yet. The rabbit wedding set is smaller than the two listed above, including a similar amount of animals (8) as the School set, Ski set and Scout set. This set is either just a prototype or very rare.
3) The eight character Grand Wedding has the following animals: rabbit couple (groom and bride), dog children (bridesmaid and pageboy), gorilla priest, animal children (bear, panther, donkey).

The Grand Wedding sets are luxury packages compared to the normal wedding sets. Not only are they a lot bigger and more diverse, but the materials and accessories that the married couple is wearing are of a higher quality. The groom has a velvety suit and the bride has a silky dress. The basic wedding sets have much more everyday materials on the animals' clothing.