On Card

There were many kinds of Forest Families packages on a card under a plastic bubble instead of boxes. Often these carded characters might have been sold next to the boxed ones, so there's no difference between countries in that.

Some of the FF cards have a different logo instead of the traditional red Forest Families -text with the bear head as an O. The logo is white and red with blue clouds on the white part and sun rising from the red bottom part. These are also M.C.Toy's packages, and they were possibly sold in countries where the basic green packages were not available. To my knowledge they were sold at least in the USA and France.

In Finland Forest Families were sold on a Finnish card. (I have no information about boxed sets.) Finland may be the only country where the packages were translated to the local language exclusively. Some of the FF packaging has different languages included, but the same packages were distributed to different countries. The texts on the Finnish packages were in Finnish and Forest Families were known as Pikkaraiset. It says on the packages "Pikkaraiset - nukkapintaiset eläinperheet", which freely translated means something like "The Tiny Folk - vinyl flocked animal families".