Misc Sets

There are a lot of miscellaneous sets in the Forest Families series. Especially Simba has produced some more or less curious sets with their FF distributing lisence. Often all other animals are FF's, but the bears are Simba Bear Family bears.


Forest Families band has been released in Germany by Simba and in other countries by M.C.Toy. The different releases have a different bear as the band leader/conductor and there are also releases with different coloured clothing. In most sets the band members have blue clothing, both in Simba and Forest Families sets. But there are also sets with green jackets on the band members.

In Germany the band members were called Maestro Bär (band leader bear), Lola Grunz (singer pig), Rocky Murr (guitar player cat), Louis Wuffi (trumpeter dog), Amadeus Maus (pianist mouse) and Ringo Hasi (drummer rabbit). As usual, Simba has replaced FF bear with their own Bear Family bear, even though the rest of the band members are Forest Families animals. In the band sets that had the Forest Families bear as the band leader, the animals didn't have any specific names. Not counting the band leader, the set is similar with the Simba set. The FF band leader bear is in the big body type. The band's instruments were also sold separately on card.

Ski Set

Forest Families series had a Ski set of 8 animals in skiing equipment. The set included two adults and six children. One set included dog and gorilla adults, and six children: tiger, elephant, gorilla, wolf, rhino and cow. There was possibly also variation in which animals were included. Possibly the characters were also sold in smaller sets. A French ad shows this set with bear adult instead of the dog.

This set and all the accessories are pretty rare. The accessories included: blue skis and ski poles, skiing overalls for all the children and skiing outfits for the adults, plus pink glasses and striped woolly hats for the adults.

Also Simba published ski sets, but their sets were individually packed adult animals with skiing equipment. The set included FF animals and a Simba bear. The animals were called Pisten-Hasi (rabbit), Willi Wuffi (dog), Bruno Brummi (Simba bear), Mucki Murr (cat), Gustel Grunz (pig) and Super-Maus (mouse). In the Simba ski set, the skis were red unlike the blue ones in the set of 8. The Simba set had no children, but there were more animal species than only the dog and gorilla that were included in the bigger FF set.

An accessory set for skiing was also sold separately. It included blue skis and ski poles, plus pink glasses.

Maple Town toyline also had a ski set of their own, which is exactly the same as FF ski set, except it's different colour.

Scout Set

There was a set of FF scouts, each with a scout outfit and a little backpack. This was another set of 8 animals. There was at least a set with the following animals: adult mouse and elephant with children from the wolf, rhino, gorilla, elephant, rabbit and bear family.

The girls (elephants, bear, rhino) have a red backpack and the boys have a green one. Girls are wearing a dress, except for the adult elephant who has the same outfit as the mouse, but a red backpack. They were sold in a big M.C.Toy package.

School Set

The series also had a School set with a teacher and seven students, plus a blackboard. This was another set of 8 animals, this time including a piece of furniture. In the set was included a bear teacher (in a unique dress) with her blackboard and the following children: rabbit boy, donkey girl, pig boy, elephant girl, cat boy, crocodile girl and bear boy.

The desks pictured on the package of the School Set are similar as Simba's Bear Family school's desks. They're just a different colour.

The Circus Playset

To my understanding, the Circus set was distributed both in the Forest Families line in some countries (at least South Africa) and in Simba line in Germany. It isn't certain whether it couldn't have been Simba that distributed the set outside Germany as well. The set included a colourful circus and possibly a circus director. In the Simba set the director was a Bear Family bear and the circus was decorated with Bear Family stickers.

In the middle of the circus set there was a stage for the performers and around it a big auditorium for the audience. There was a balcony for the band to play in and also a ticket booth.

FF series had characters to go with the circus, but I think they were sold separately. For the FF circus professionals, see below. In Germany, four different clowns were sold. There were two different clown outfits: pink with blue and yellow with green. The outfit includes overalls and a pointy hat. The clowns included a cat (yellow/green outfit), a rabbit (yellow/green), a bear (pink/blue) and a mouse (pink/blue).

The Circus Professionals

The Circus professionals were sold separately on card. The set included FF bear director, tiger weight lifter, elephant hula hoop girl and pig and mouse clowns. The package in the pictures is from year 1986. Each character was sold with an outfit or accessory to suit their profession.

Occupation Sets

Forest Families animals were also sold in different occupation sets. There was at least a hunter, a weight lifter and a Santa Claus, but probably there have been many different sets. The set might have included only an outfit or an accessory to go along with the profession.

Simba had some professional animal sets which were probably Simba-exclusive. For example there were a traffic instructor and a train conductor Simba bears with Forest Families animals as their passengers. There were many sets that included Simba bears and FF animals, such as the post office, bakery and airport with airplane. Check The Forest Connection for more detailed information!

There were also other profession sets with different animals. Simba published the elephant mailman, doctor, chimney sweeper, sheriff, firefighter and police officer which were sold separately in one-character boxes with some related accessories.

M.C. Toy sets of professional animals were published in big boxes that contained six characters of one animal species, each with an outfit for a different profession. The animals in these sets were elephants, bears, gorillas, cows, crocodiles and dogs. The professions they represented were chimney sweeper, sheriff, tennis player, mailman, firefighter and doctor. The outfits in the M.C. Toy sets were similar to Simba sets except that Simba's green-suited policeman was replaced with a tennis player and the mailman was wearing a different, dark blue outfit.


Simba published several books in Germany, with Forest Families and Bear Family animals in the pictures. There were also puzzles and playing cards and such, all German exclusives with both FF and Simba animals. Often the books and cards included also other Simba animals besides bears - moles for example.

Simba also published via KLEE a board game called Geschichten aus dem Bärenland, or Stories from the Teddy Bear World. The package has only Simba bears pictured on it, but the gaming board includes FF animals. This game was also published in Finnish and Swedish in Finland. The "buttons" in the game are four cute flocked bear characters that are traveling across the gaming board to their mother.

There was a wide range of accessories that are very rare nowadays. The special FF items include the music box pictured below, and there are probably many things yet to be found. There was even a Forest Families kids' underwear set for sale in South Africa! The distributing company produced a series of children's underwear with pictures of Forest Families and a single character included in the package.