Forest Families House

The Forest Families House is a dismountable, brown house with red roofs and green base. It's made of plastic and it's a bit less than 30 cm tall. The box pictures a lot of characters and furniture, and all the furniture pictured on the cover are green. The house came without any of the furniture or characters, but the set included the house itself and the fences around it. There were also cardboard floor covers, window glasses, a chimney and a Forest Families -sign.

The Forest Families House and its different editions were sold at least in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Portugal and South Africa, and probably anywhere where they had Forest Families in general. The house was distributed by M.C.Toy, and in some countries imported by Brio or BR Toys. Where the package wasn't translated, they added the country-specific warning texts (not suited for children under 3 years) on it with a sticker. The basic M.C.Toy package has texts in English, French, German and Italian. This is slightly odd, as France and Germany at least had country-specific packaging for the house.

Prototype House

Some Forest Families packaging also depicts a beautiful white FF house with pink floors and red roof. I think this house is possibly just a prototype because I have never seen it anywhere. If it exists it is extremely rare! Even the normal FF House is very hard to find, especially with all the parts.

Danish Bamse Huset

In Denmark, the house was published with the name Bamse Huset, for the brand Dyrene i Bamseskoven. The house was very similar with the M.C.Toy one, but the name tag was different and there were differences in colouring of the roofs and other details. The package was also specifically made for Danish market. It was very similar to the FF House package, but with some animals changed.

The Bamse line also introduced a Swimming pool and a lot of furniture with Bamse stickerinstead of the more usual Forest Families text. It's curious how the Bamse logo is totally unique. In style it is similar to the normal Forest Families logo, where the letter O is replaced by a bear face, but the Bamse A bear is quite different. The font on the logo is very similar on both. Bamse line was published by BR Toy.

German Das Haus

In Germany, the house was called Das Haus der Freunde aus dem Bärenwald and the package pictures both Forest Families and Simba animals. This house was sold with furniture, but without animal characters.

German Wooden Buildings

Simba published a wide range of wooden buildings in Simba's own Bear Family series. Just an example is the wooden Bärenwald Haus which is quite different from the above mentioned. The wooden sets included airport, train station, church, bakery and many more. These I consider to be a part of Bear Family, not Forest Families series.

French La Maison

The French package had the text Forest Families: La Maison and the animals pictured on the box are four bears. The French house is unique in that it came with both the animals and furniture that was pictured on the box.

French wooden buildings

Wooden buildings and items were also published in France. Little is known about them so far. Published were at least a wooden house, wooden school (and school bus), the ski center (pictured) and possibly more.

These items are made of natural wood and you could decorate them with stickers. The French wooden items have at least two types of logos with the text Forest Families - one has an odd-looking bear face and one has a drawn rabbit and bear from the waist up. The Chalet package depicts the latter logo with an actual photo of a rabbit mom and bear dad with the Forest Families text. These almost look like bootleg items, but they were probably manufactured by some French company with M.C.Toy's license.

Chalet (Ski Center) came with a family of four skiers, according to a French ad. The Chalet package has pictures of eight different adult animals in ski outfits, plus two more animals in everyday clothes.

La maison de la forêt (Forest House) came with four characters: bear parents and hippo parents. Also included were a table and four chairs.

L'école de la forêt (Forest School) was sold with the owl dad as teacher and four pupils, a cow girl, hippo girl, bear girl and donkey boy. Possibly the characters varied. The school set included the normal Forest Families blackboard, wooden school desks and a fence with gate. The bus was sold at least separately, but might have been included with the school building.