Forest Families series had all kinds of furniture and accessories for their Forest Families House. However, the series concentrated for the most part on the animals. There were several small accessory sets and some of them, like the tea set and the books, went with furniture sets. There were also separate small accessory sets. This page has information about the different furniture and accessory sets, which were identified with numbers A1, A2, A3... in the back card pictures. Besides the identified accessory sets, there are also some mysterious items like a tiny suitcase which is pictured in the cover of the Forest Families House box. There are still FF items that haven't been found and identified. There are also colour variations of many of the sets - e.g. the FF vacuum cleaner has been sold in white/pink and orange/yellow colour combination.

Simba produced even more accessories and playsets in their Bear Family line, which were sometimes similar to the M.C.Toy accessories and sometimes exclusive to Simba. For example, the tent and hammock have been published both in M.C.Toy packages and Simba Bear Family packages. Simba also had several furniture and/or playsets which had Forest Families animals pictured on the packaging, but in reality were Simba-only (like some wooden sets).

Accessory and furniture sets

A1 Table with tea set + 2 chairs
A2 4 Chairs
A3 Chair + cabinet with 4 books
A4 Chair + cabinet with 8 books
A5 See saw
A6 (unknown)
A7 Bed with pillow & blanket
A8 Desk + Piano
A9 Blackboard + 2 chairs
A10 Rocking chair
A11 Swing
A12 Tool kit
A13 Tent
A14 Hammock
A15 Skiing set
A16 Musical Instruments/Forest Band
A17 Swimming set
A18 Baking Set
A19 Kitchen Set
A20 Cleaning Set
A21 Ironing Set
A22 Make Up Set
DR 1-12 Dresses

Identifying furniture

Forest Families furniture sets can be identified from the M.C.Toy logo or the small bear logo sticker on them. The sticker pictures a smiling, pink bear face with a green bow tie on a yellow background. Both M.C.Toy and Simba published furniture with this logo, and Simba also with a Bear Family logo (a Bear Family bear face on a blue background). Similar looking furniture has been published under the Moomin brand later, with a Moomin logo sticker.

Most of the furniture produced in the toy line are green with the bear logo, but later on the series had some wood-coloured furniture too. There are also some pink furniture sets that are similar with these forest green sets. A baking set was published with orange table and chair, and at least the Peach Fuzz Village line in the USA published some dark pink furniture.

Besides the traditional Forest Families furniture, the series also had some baby pink and blue furniture sets that are very different from the traditional forest green sets. These include the baby pink make up table.

The best way to identify the different sets is to compare with pictures from leaflets and packages.

Accessory Buckets

There was also a bucket full of FF accessories and furniture available for purchase. It was available in France and included most of the accessory sets that were also sold separately. There were several different size buckets, at least 100 Accessories and 50 Accessories. The sets didn't include any animals.

The bucket itself is made out of cardboard with a thin plastic lid. The lid has a big M.C.Toy logo on it. The bucket also has a plastic handle for carrying. The 50 Accessories bucket is about 20 cm tall.

50 Accessories: Green table and four chairs, A8 Desk and Piano, A9 Black board (no chairs), A12 Toolkit (saw, axe, shovel, hammer), A15 Ski set (skiing glasses, blue skis and skiing poles), A17 Swimming set (swimming mattress, swimming ring, weight, hula hoop), A18 Baking Set x2 (orange table and chair, mixer, colander, egg carton, pot, cake tin), A19 Kitchen Set (washing machine, cooker/stove, two pink pans), A20 Cleaning set (orange vacuum cleaner, bucket, two blue brooms, one pink broom, dustpan), A22 Make Up Set (dressign table and chair, a pillow with shoe picture).

100 Accessories: A1 Table with tea set + 2 chairs, A2 4 Chairs, A3 Chair + cabinet with 4 books, A4 Chair + cabinet with 8 books, A7 Bed with pillow & blanket, A8 Desk + Piano, A9 Blackboard + 2 chairs, A11 Swing, A12 Tool kit, A15 Skiing set, A16 Musical Instruments (drums and drumsticks, baton, green piano, microphone stand, guitar, trumpet), A17 Swimming set, A18 Baking Set, A19 Kitchen Set, A20 Cleaning Set, A22 Make Up Set.

I need a hula hoop for my swimming set! Let me know if you have one to sell or trade.