Family Packages

Forest Families were sold in many different sets and there was some variation in the sets between different countries too. The basic FF set is a set of parents and two children in one family package by M.C.Toy, sold in a cardboard box with plastic windows. Probably all existing Forest Families species were available in these basic packages. There were also special offer packages with two or three families, each on top of another. There was for example a set of three families that included tigers, sheep and chicken. Another speciality was a gift set of five family members - mother, father, girl, boy and baby girl. These were marked with a sticker as "5 piece gift set."

In Germany there were also Simba's packages with German text and Bear Family pictures. Simba distributed Forest Families packed individually, in family packages and in different sets. There are even three different kinds of individual packages for Forest Families, plus individually sold band members, skiing animals and other specialities. But they also had the basic family sets of four. The green single-packages are very easy to open and close so it's very difficult to classify whether a figurine is actually in an unopened package or not. Most of Simba's sets included a leaflet with pictures of different sets that were available. The green packages also had names for each of the family - a family name and individual names for the children. The parents were just mommy and daddy.

One of the Simba family sets is "The friends from Africa" line, which has the exotic animal species in a specific box made just for these species (elephants, gorillas, panthers, tigers). It is a very interesting line because the box has the texts in German, French, Dutch, Italian and English. This naturally suggests that these sets were distributed in those countries. The box has both the Simba logo and Simba markings but also M.C.Toys copyright markings with the year 1986 marked on the box. This may be one of the first FF sets distributed by Simba.

There seems to be some difference between the packages that were sold in the UK and Scandinavia, but more information needs to be found on that.