I have a changing list of FF's for trade, so send me a message if you're looking for something specific. I'll trade from my collection if you have something that I'm especially looking for! I have a lot of different animal species and boxed sets. Here are my want list and pictures of my current trade animals.

Feel free to make an offer outside my Want List since this isn't neccessarily all I'm looking for! And I am always on the lookout for any oddities or items in their original packages.

You can contact me at admin (at) forestfamilies (dot) net!

Leaflet Wants and Trades

Check out my Leaflet section to find pictures of these.


B06 (1991)
C04 (Blue Geschichten aus dem Bärenwald leaflet)
D04 (Majora)
Heft 4, 5
Big blue leaflet (bigger than D leaflets)

I'm also looking for any leaflets that are missing from my leaflet page (link above)!

For trade:

C01 (Familie Bär)
C02 (Gas Station)
Heft 1, 2

Clothing Wanted


Green/yellow clown hat
Baby clothes: jackets and ties, skirts
Father's clothes: yellow shirt with two red buttons on the collar
Boy's clothes: blue overalls with two red buttons and rainbow-striped suspenders (green, pink, yellow striped)
Adult's dresses from this list: C04, E09, E10, E11, E12, F04 (bud pattern 2 and 3), H04, H09, H12, H14
Turtle clothes
Beetle clothes

And many more clothes! :)

Accessories Wanted


Pink/white vacuum cleaner
Ironing Set
Musical Instruments (set)
Skiing Set (red skis and ski poles)
Hula hoop from Swimming Set
Train Station travellers' backpacks
Chimney and fence for the Forest Families House

Critters Wanted

Purple dinosaurs
Grey bears
Chocolate bears
Light brown bears
Brown rabbits
Chocolate rabbits
Pink rabbits
Brown turtles
Brown porcupines (children)
Band leader FF bear (outfit)
Duck adult with arms
Duck child (girl)
Solid body adults: cat, mouse, elephant, gorilla and bear
MIB/MOC animals

Critters for Trade/Sale

I will trade or sell my doubles and even from my collection. Send me an e-mail to inquire about my current critters that are available. Please notice that postal costs from Finland are quite high! I can take PayPal payments or SEPA bank transfers.

You can contact me at admin (at) forestfamilies (dot) net!